Josh Sheehan: Coping with his brother's death

12 hours ago

Josh Sheehan is the only Moto X Freestyle rider to land the triple backflip in the world, but following the death of his brother last summer, he's got a new approach to dirt bike riding. Read more ...


Does Taka Higashino still have it?

12 hours ago

Nearly three years ago, Taka Higashino earned his third consecutive X Games Moto X Freestyle gold. At Austin 2016, Higashino finally will get a chance to make it four straight Freestyle wins. Read more ...


Inside Taka Higashino's Yamaha YZ250 dirt bike

13 hours ago

Taka Higashino, who was the most dominant Moto X Freestyle rider throughout the 2013 X Games year, caught up with photographer Chris Tedesco to run through his latest setup in advance of Austin. Read more ...


Ronnie Renner: Step Up Dominator

23 hours ago

Ronnie Renner's name has become synonymous with Moto X Step Up, and his seven gold medals are the most in discipline history. But he's not giving up setup secrets just yet. Read more ...


Boardr Am 2016: New York City

1 day ago

The Boardr Am street skateboarding series headed to New York City, where Jake Ilardi grabbed the first place spot and an invite to X Games Austin 2016.