Dan Lacey


BMX Freestyle
Rye, GBR

Medal Count




Comp History

X Games Austin 2014 BMX Street12th
X Games Barcelona 2013 BMX Street9th
X Games 2010 BMX Street11th

Other Competitions

Athlete Bio

UK native Dan Lacey owns a catalog of intense video sections and web clips featuring burly and progressive street riding. With a totally confident style, he can go from huge 180s and 360s over rails to flat, straight into a rapid-fire succession of tricks on a complex series of street obstacles. Many of his combos are extremely difficult including an over-smith grind to icepick to hangover toothpick on then same rail, and he won't back down until he get them done. Known for his incredibly clicked turndowns and forward thinking rail combination.

You Don't Say?

  • Austin is Dan's third X Games appearance. He finished 9th in Street at X Games Barcelona 2013 and 11th in Street at X Games LA 2010. Dan also won second place at the Monster Energy Street Series in Barcelona March 2014 and won the Battle at the Beach contest at Dew Tour in June 2013.