Queralt Castellet

Disciplines: SnowboardFrom: Barcelona, ESP ESPBorn: 06/17/89

About Queralt

Spanish rider Queralt Castellet became the second woman ever to land a 1080 in competition. She may be small, but she can boost in the pipe, with a clean frontside 900 more than 10 feet above the deck and an inverted 540 that looks like a lazy McTwist. A regular on podiums around the world, she hasn't had much luck at X Games Aspen, but she has tricks and amplitude that keep her among the best in the women's field. She is a native of Barcelona, a three-time Olympian and she finished 11th in halfpipe at the 2014 Winter Olympics. No Spanish athlete has ever medaled at an X Games winter event.

  • X Games Aspen 2015 is Queralt's fifth X Games appearance. She is the second female to land a 1080 in competition and placed second in halfpipe at the 2015 FIS World Championships. She also placed second at the 2014 U.S. Open and represented Spain at the 2014 Winter Olympics, her 3rd Olympic appearance.

X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Aspen 2015 SBD SuperPipe6th
X Games Aspen 2014 SBD SuperPipe5th
Winter X Games Aspen 2013 SBD SuperPipe6th
Winter X 2011 SBD SuperPipe5th
Winter X 2010 SBD SuperPipe7th