Torstein Horgmo


Snowboard, Snowboard
Oslo, NOR

Medal Count




Comp History

X Games Aspen 2015 SBD Slopestyle6th
X Games Aspen 2015 SBD Big Air6th
X Games Aspen 2014 SBD Big Air10th
X Games Aspen 2014 SBD Slopestyle6th
Winter X Games Tignes 2013 SBD Slopestyle7th
Winter X Games Aspen 2013 SBD Slopestyle14th
Winter X Games Aspen 2013 SBD Big Air1st
Winter X Games Aspen 2012 SBD Big Air2nd
Winter X Games Aspen 2012 SBD Slopestyle8th
Winter X 2011 SBD Slopestyle6th
Winter X 2011 SBD Big Air1st
Winter X 2010 SBD Slopestyle4th
Winter X 2010 SBD Big Air2nd
Winter X 2009 SBD Slopestyle15th
Winter X 2009 SBD Big Air2nd
Winter X 2008 SBD Slopestyle16th
Winter X 2008 SBD Big Air1st

Other Competitions

Aug, 2014 The Mile HighSBD Slopestyle3rd
Dec, 2013 Grand Prix/FIS World Cup CopperSBD Slopestyle2nd
Mar, 2013 Burton U.S. OpenSBD Slopestyle2nd
Mar, 2013 FIS World CupSBD Slopestyle1st
Feb, 2013 Burton European OpenSBD Slopestyle1st
Feb, 2013 Red Bull Ultra NaturalSBD Big Mountain15th
Jan, 2013 Grand Prix/FIS World CupSBD Slopestyle12th
2013 FIS World Cup Crystal GlobeSBD Slopestyle3rd
2013 World Snowboard TourSBD Slopestyle3rd

Athlete Bio

Torstein is highly respected amongst his peers thanks to his style, innovation and technical ability on a snowboard. He was the first snowboarder to land the triple cork (May 2010). His switch backside triple cork 1440 -- the first in competition -- at X Games Aspen 2013 earned him his third Big Air gold medal, his fifth Big Air medal overall. The Norwegian runs a website ( with Mark McMorris, Eero Ettala and others and is constantly filming. The outspoken, funny Horgmo has had slopestyle success at multiple major events but is still looking for his first X Games Slopestyle medal after eight attempts.

You Don't Say?

  • Torstein has five X Games medals -- three gold and two silver, all from Big Air. He won X Games Aspen 2011 Big Air with the first triple invert landed in competition (though not a triple cork). He also landed snowboarding's first triple cork in May 2010 at the Folgefonna ski area on Norway's west coast. After 8 appearances, he's yet to medal in Slopestyle.