Jessica Patterson


Moto X
Tallahassee, FL USA

Medal Count




Comp History

X Games Los Angeles 2013 MTX Racing4th
X Games Los Angeles 2012 MTX Racing5th
X Games 2011 MTX Racing7th
X Games 2010 MTX Racing10th
X Games 2009 MTX Racing2nd
X Games 2008 MTX Racing4th

Other Competitions

May, 2014 AMA Geico EnduroCrossMTX EnduroCross10th
Jun, 2013 Women's Motocross Championship Round 2MTX Motocross1st
Jun, 2013 Women's Motocross Championship Round 3MTX Motocross1st
May, 2013 Women's Motocross Championship Round 1MTX Motocross10th
2013 Women's Motocross Championship Final PointsMTX Motocross1st

Athlete Bio

Jessica is a legend on the Women's Motocross Championship series and has raced and beaten the best, including Ashley Fiolek. She won her 7th career title at the end of June 2013 and then announced her retirement from professional motocross. She then started on her next racing chapter, which is off-road competition, where her goals include GNCC titles and EnduroCross. Although she is the most accomplished female motocross racer ever, crashes have plagued her at X Games and she has just one medal, silver. She has had 7 X Games appearances, with Austin 2014 being her first-ever Enduro X appearance and only her second-ever EnduroCross race.

You Don't Say?

  • Jessica is a 7-time Women's Motocross champion and, with 40 career wins, has the most victories in sport history. Jessica was also a three-time Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Motocross Champion and was nominated for 2008 EPSY Best Female Action Sports Athlete. She is currently racing in the GNCC series where she's already showing promise of success.