Nick Dompierre


New Bedford, MA USA

Medal Count




Comp History

X Games Austin 2014 SKB Real Street99th
X Games 2009 SKB Street5th
X Games 2008 SKB Street13th
X Games 2007 SKB Street10th
X Games 2007 SKB Street Best Trick2nd

Other Competitions

Athlete Bio

The East Coast skater made his name in video parts ("Roll Forever," 2006; "The Solstice Video," 2007) and has skill on all terrain. Nick doesn't compete much, but he rips on stairs and big gaps. He filmed most of his 2014 Real Street part in LA. He has a 1987 Camaro which he used to drag race at the New England Dragway, but now he's just working on breaking into a 7-second quarter-mile with it. He was a surprise #1 qualifier at X Games 2009 (his most recent X Games appearance), making the Final and finishing 5th in Street.

You Don't Say?

  • In September 2013, Nick and filmer/editor, Joey Brezinki, started filming his Real Street part mostly in Los Angeles but has a few clips from "back home" in New Bedford, MA. His first X Games was 2007, where he made the final and finished 10th. He was the only X Games rookie in the Final.