Tanner Foust


Rally Car
Capistrano Beach, CA USA

Medal Count




Comp History

X Games Austin 2014 RCR RallyCross15th
X Games Los Angeles 2013 RCR RallyCross2nd
X Games Los Angeles 2013 RCR GYMKHANA GRID1st
X Games Munich 2013 RCR RallyCross6th
X Games Munich 2013 RCR RallyCross3rd
X Games Foz do Iguaçu 2013 RCR RallyCross7th
X Games Los Angeles 2012 RCR RallyCross6th
X Games 2011 RCR Racing4th
X Games 2011 RCR RallyCross2nd
X Games 2010 RCR Racing1st
X Games 2010 RCR RallyCross1st
X Games 2009 RCR Racing3rd
X Games 2008 RCR Racing2nd
X Games 2007 RCR Racing1st
X Games 2006 RCR Racing9th

Other Competitions

May, 2014 GRC Round #1RCR RallyCross11th
May, 2014 WRX Round #2RCR RallyCross5th
Sep, 2013 ERC Loheac, France Round 7RCR Rallycross6th
Sep, 2013 GRC Stop #7RCR Rallycross10th
Aug, 2013 GRC Stop #6RCR Rallycross2nd
Jul, 2013 GRC Stop #4RCR Rallycross4th
Jul, 2013 GRC Stop #5RCR Rallycross7th
Jun, 2013 ERC # 4 FinlandRCR Rallycross1st
Apr, 2013 ERC Lydden Hill Stop #1RCR Rallycross1st
2013 ERC Year EndRCR Rallycross9th

Athlete Bio

A stunt driver and TV host by profession Tanner, 40, switched from Formula DRIFT in 2011 to focus on rallycross like the European Rallycross and Global RallyCross Championships. After winning his first ERC round in Portugal in 2011, Tanner became the first American to claim an ERC title. He's the most decorated Rally driver with 9 X Games Rally Car medals including four gold, two silver and three bronze. Foust and fellow driver Ken Block are the only athletes to compete in every X Games with RCR events. X Games 2014 was the first time Foust missed a RallyCross final but he's hoping his new VW Beetle will help regain his supremacy in 2015.

You Don't Say?

  • Tanner, who holds the most RCR medals in X Games history, is also the only American to win a European Rallycross Championship event. Foust placed second in the 2013 GRC series, making four out of nine possible podiums, and set the long-distance record for jumping a four-wheel vehicle after jumping a trophy truck 332 feet in 2011.