Simon Dumont


Bethel, ME USA

Medal Count




Comp History

X Games Aspen 2015 SKI SuperPipe14th
Winter X Games Tignes 2013 SKI SuperPipe5th
Winter X Games Aspen 2013 SKI SuperPipe3rd
Winter X Games Aspen 2012 SKI SuperPipe6th
Winter X 2011 SKI SuperPipe3rd
Winter X 2010 SKI SuperPipe4th
Winter X 2010 SKI High Air6th
Winter X 2009 SKI Big Air1st
Winter X 2009 SKI SuperPipe3rd
Winter X 2009 SKI Slopestyle14th
Winter X 2008 SKI SuperPipe2nd
Winter X 2008 SKI Big Air3rd
Winter X 2007 SKI SuperPipe2nd
Winter X 2007 SKI Slopestyle4th
Winter X 2006 SKI Best Trick9th
Winter X 2006 SKI SuperPipe3rd
Winter X 2005 SKI SuperPipe1st
Winter X 2005 SKI Slopestyle4th
Winter X 2004 SKI SuperPipe1st
Winter X 2004 SKI Slopestyle9th
Winter X 2003 SKI SuperPipe8th
Winter X 2002 SKI Slopestyle16th

Other Competitions

Dec, 2014 Dew Tour BreckenridgeSKI Halfpipe8th
Jan, 2014 Grand Prix Park City #2SKI SuperPipe12th
Dec, 2013 Grand Prix CopperSKI SuperPipe5th
Mar, 2013 FIS World ChampsSKI SuperPipe8th
Feb, 2013 FIS World Cup Grand PrixSKI SuperPipe8th
Jan, 2013 Grand PrixSKI SuperPipe7th
2013 AFP OverallSKI SuperPipe7th

Athlete Bio

This X Games staple has competed at X Games Aspen more than any other skier. 2015 will be Simon Dumont's 13th appearance. In 2014, Dumont suffered injuries like a concussion and torn left ACL that ultimately thwarted his Olympic bid and caused him to miss X Games Aspen for the first time since 2002. The crowd favorite, who also won the fan-voted Big Air gold in 2009, is one of the most successful competition freeskiers on the planet. He owns nine X Games medals, including eight from SuperPipe. At age 28, he's claiming X Games Aspen 2015 is his "swan song" unless, he jokes, "I pull a Brett Favre."

You Don't Say?

  • Simon has competed at X Games Aspen more than any other skier. 2013 was his 12th appearance and 2014 was the first time he missed an X Games Aspen event. He has nine X Games Aspen medals: the most of any skier at X Games Aspen 2015. Simon made the SuperPipe final every year he's competed at X Games Aspen, for a total of 11 competition starts.