Simon Dumont

Disciplines: SkiFrom: Bethel, ME USA USABorn: 07/09/86

About Simon

This X Games staple has competed at X Games Aspen more than any other skier. 2015 will be Simon Dumont's 13th appearance. In 2014, Dumont suffered injuries like a concussion and torn left ACL that ultimately thwarted his Olympic bid and caused him to miss X Games Aspen for the first time since 2002. The crowd favorite, who also won the fan-voted Big Air gold in 2009, is one of the most successful competition freeskiers on the planet. He owns nine X Games medals, including eight from SuperPipe. At age 28, he's claiming X Games Aspen 2015 is his "swan song" unless, he jokes, "I pull a Brett Favre."

  • Simon has competed at X Games Aspen more than any other skier. 2013 was his 12th appearance and 2014 was the first time he missed an X Games Aspen event. He has nine X Games Aspen medals: the most of any skier at X Games Aspen 2015. Simon made the SuperPipe final every year he's competed at X Games Aspen, for a total of 11 competition starts.

X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Aspen 2015 SKI SuperPipe14th
Winter X Games Tignes 2013 SKI SuperPipe5th
Winter X Games Aspen 2013 SKI SuperPipe3rd
Winter X Games Aspen 2012 SKI SuperPipe6th
Winter X 2011 SKI SuperPipe3rd
Winter X 2010 SKI SuperPipe4th
Winter X 2010 SKI High Air6th
Winter X 2009 SKI Big Air1st
Winter X 2009 SKI SuperPipe3rd
Winter X 2009 SKI Slopestyle14th
Winter X 2008 SKI SuperPipe2nd
Winter X 2008 SKI Big Air3rd
Winter X 2007 SKI SuperPipe2nd
Winter X 2007 SKI Slopestyle4th
Winter X 2006 SKI Best Trick9th
Winter X 2006 SKI SuperPipe3rd
Winter X 2005 SKI SuperPipe1st
Winter X 2005 SKI Slopestyle4th
Winter X 2004 SKI SuperPipe1st
Winter X 2004 SKI Slopestyle9th
Winter X 2003 SKI SuperPipe8th
Winter X 2002 SKI Slopestyle16th