Travis Pastrana

Disciplines: Rally CarFrom: Annapolis, MD USA USABorn: 10/08/83

About Travis

On a RallyCross roster full of stars, Travis Pastrana is still the biggest name. Of course, he's one of the biggest names in action sports, period. A 17-time XG medalist, Pastrana has changed up his 2014 schedule dropping NASCAR from the line up and returning to his love of stage rally where he is currently ranked 2nd overall in the Rally America series. The first person to land a double backflip on a motorcycle, Pastrana has 13 medals from Moto X and 4 from Rally Car, including Racing gold in '06 and'08. He is married to multi-time X Games gold medalist Lyn-z Adams Hawkins. The two had their first child on Sept. 2, 2013, a baby girl named Addy.

  • With 17 X Games medals to call his own, Travis is the 3rd most decorated X Games Moto X athlete in history. He is also one of just three athletes to win three gold at the same X Games. Travis owns 11 X Games gold medals across four disciplines: Freestyle, Speed & Style, Best Trick and Rally Car Racing.

X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Austin 2014 RCR RallyCross7th
X Games Los Angeles 2013 RCR RallyCross5th
X Games Foz do Iguaçu 2013 RCR RallyCross9th
X Games Los Angeles 2012 RCR RallyCross16th
X Games 2011 MTX Best Trick7th
X Games 2011 RCR RallyCross7th
X Games 2010 RCR Racing5th
X Games 2010 MTX Speed & Style1st
X Games 2010 RCR RallyCross13th
X Games 2010 MTX Freestyle1st
X Games 2009 MTX Best Trick4th
X Games 2009 RCR Racing2nd
X Games 2008 MTX Speed & Style6th
X Games 2008 RCR Racing1st
X Games 2007 RCR Racing3rd
X Games 2007 MTX Racing9th
X Games 2006 MTX Best Trick1st
X Games 2006 MTX Freestyle1st
X Games 2006 MTX SuperMoto9th
X Games 2006 RCR Racing1st
X Games 2005 MTX SuperMoto12th
X Games 2005 MTX Freestyle1st
X Games 2005 MTX Best Trick2nd
X Games 2004 MTX Best Trick3rd
X Games 2004 MTX Freestyle2nd
X Games 2004 MTX SuperMoto17th
X Games 2003 MTX Freestyle1st
X Games 2001 MTX Step Up2nd
X Games 2001 MTX Freestyle1st
X Games 2001 MTX Best Trick10th
X Games 2000 MTX Freestyle1st
X Games 2000 MTX Step Up8th
X Games 1999 MTX Freestyle1st