Simon Tabron

Disciplines: BMX FreestyleFrom: Bonsall, CA USA GBRBorn: 10/17/73

About Simon

Eleven-time X Games medalist Tabron has continued to thrive late into his pro career and has been riding more than ever, sometimes upwards of seven days a week. He's been riding as well as ever, impressive considering the now 40-year-old's long list of accomplishments. The vert rider has long been a master of 540 variations, delivering them at height with a generous dose of style. The UK-to-Southern California transplant is the one of two breakless riders in the field, and by far the most consistent at landing the heavyweight 900.

  • Simon owns 11 X Games medals -- 4 silver and 7 bronze. He's also finished in the top 5 in 14 of 16 Vert appearances. He was the first athlete to land back-to-back 900s in 2007 and a no-handed, one-footed 900 at X Games 2009. Along with fellow rider Coco Zurita, Simon is one of the only athletes to ride breakless at Austin 2014.

X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Austin 2014 BMX Vert2nd
X Games Barcelona 2013 BMX Vert2nd
X Games Foz do Iguaçu 2013 BMX Vert6th
X Games Los Angeles 2012 BMX Big Air7th
X Games Los Angeles 2012 BMX Vert3rd
X Games 2011 BMX Vert4th
X Games 2010 BMX Vert3rd
X Games 2009 BMX Vert2nd
X Games 2008 BMX Vert10th
X Games 2007 BMX Vert2nd
X Games 2006 BMX Vert3rd
X Games 2006 BMX Vert Best Trick3rd
X Games 2004 BMX Vert2nd
X Games 2003 BMX Vert4th
X Games 2002 BMX Vert3rd
X Games 2001 BMX Vert5th
X Games 2000 BMX Vert5th
X Games 1999 BMX Vert3rd
X Games 1998 BMX Vert3rd
X Games 1998 BMX Vert Doubles6th