Jimmy Walker


BMX Freestyle
Ocala, FL USA

Medal Count




Comp History

X Games 2011 BMX Vert5th
X Games 2010 BMX Vert9th
X Games 2009 BMX Vert4th
X Games 2008 BMX Vert5th
X Games 2007 BMX Vert4th
X Games 2006 BMX Vert Best Trick6th
X Games 2006 BMX Vert5th
X Games 2003 BMX Vert8th
X Games 2002 BMX Vert7th
X Games 2000 BMX Vert9th
X Games 1999 BMX Vert15th
X Games 1998 BMX Vert Doubles6th
X Games 1998 BMX Park10th
X Games 1998 BMX Vert11th
X Games 1997 BMX Vert9th
X Games 1997 BMX Park13th
X Games 1996 BMX Vert11th
X Games 1995 BMX Vert9th

Other Competitions

Jun, 2013 DewTourBMX Vert4th

Athlete Bio

Walker is probably more in love with BMX now than he's ever been, which is a big statement considering he's been riding for over 30 years. His current enjoyment is no doubt attributable to his riding philosophy, which is to ride exactly how he wants to without worrying what anyone else thinks. His personal mission on the vert ramp is to constantly discover new ways to ride it, exploring the possibilities with alley-oops and opposite airs, varying his pedal stance and altitude along the way. He still does multiple flair and 540 variations, but he's more focused on having a good time in every session than worrying about how the results settle out when the contest is over.

You Don't Say?

  • Despite turning pro twenty years ago and having had 14 X Games appearances, Walker has yet to take home any X Games hardware. However, Walker does not lack competition experience. He's a familiar face at the Dew Tour where he's rode yearly since 2006, though he's never placed better than fourth.