Cranial Knowledge

How Maui's Skullbase crew is keeping Jaws safe, and turning into a successful surf brand at the same time.
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    On at Jaws

    When a big northwest swell came steaming out of the North Pacific and hit Jaws, a crew of big-wave hellmen (and woment) took full advantage of pristine 20-foot conditions.
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    House of Payne

    Maui's Dusty Payne came from behind against Julian Wilson in the final of the Reef Hawaiian Pro to take an early Triple Crown lead.
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    Puerto Rico Pumps

    The Caribbean winter surf season kicked off with a playful swell that recently hit Puerto Rico after a long, flat summer.
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    Triple Time

    It's that time of year as the world's best surfers have amassed on the North Shore of Oahu, and the Vans Triple Crown of surfing is set to be another winter classic.

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