Between The Heats

So far the Hurley Pro has been defined by the free surf sessions going on at Lowers between contest days. If you need proof, look no further.
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    Teahupoo pumps for "Point Break"

    As the biggest swell of the year hit Teahupoo, the lineup was closed to all but a handful of surfers, the production crew for the remake of "Point Break."
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    What's In A Name

    The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) has been the governing body of pro surfing for 30-plus years, but starting in 2015 they'll be changing their name to the World Surf League (WSL).
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    Summer Ain't Over Yet

    Surf gear to ensure that no matter where in the world you are, the stoke remains the same.
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    Slater into the "OuterKnown"

    It was unclear what Kelly Slater was going to do after leaving Quiksilver, but in announcing the formation of a new brand called OuterKnown, things are starting to become more clear.

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