Best ski movies of the year

Jeff Cricco

The best athletes, cinematagraphy, music, and more. Introducing the 2010 ESPN Action Sports Ski and Snowboard Video Awards.<b> <a href=""><b>Full story &#187;</b></a></p></b>

Much like the posh, big budget Holly-world of feature filmmaking, each year, the top filmmakers in skiing and snowboarding set out to create a film that's better than all the rest. And every year, they push the boundaries of sport and filmmaking: unexplored zones, new tricks, bigger jumps, innovative camera techniques and angles, more original music. There are dozens of films touring the country right now, but our ski and snowboard experts set out to award the 10 best in the most coveted of categories based on talent, creativity, gnarliness of tricks and terrain, editing and overall impact. So roll out the red carpet, grab your popcorn and call Steve Martin, because this show's just getting started. Presenting the 2010 ESPN Action Sports Ski and Snowboard Video Awards.

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