North Shore Season Kicks Off

Life on the North Shore in Oahu is glorious this time of year -- big surf, warm water, blue skies and lots of aloha. Here's a roundup of what's been happening on the scene lately.
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    Cranial Knowledge

    How Maui's Skullbase crew is keeping Jaws safe, and turning into a successful surf brand at the same time.
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    On at Jaws

    When a big northwest swell came steaming out of the North Pacific and hit Jaws, a crew of big-wave hellmen (and woment) took full advantage of pristine 20-foot conditions.
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    House of Payne

    Maui's Dusty Payne came from behind against Julian Wilson in the final of the Reef Hawaiian Pro to take an early Triple Crown lead.
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    Puerto Rico Pumps

    The Caribbean winter surf season kicked off with a playful swell that recently hit Puerto Rico after a long, flat summer.

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