Face Time: Richard Permin

French freeskier Richard Permin talks about filming with MSP in Alaska.

French freeskier Richard Permin had a big season last winter: He filmed in Alaska for Matchstick Production's "Superheroes of Stoke," a segment that won him the Best Single Shot award at the International Freeski Film Festival in Annecy, France. In this interview with him, which is part of the new Atomic Airtime video series, Permin talks about last season and why he likes living life on the edge.

"I think for me skiing is a good way to express myself, especially in the big mountains, you show your personality in your line," Permin says. "When I'm focused on something, I'm a little bit nuts. I like to go big in my skiing and big in my life -- I like to go surfing and skate and do whatever gives me adrenaline. I like to push it all of the time."

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