Slap's 20 years & Think's premiere


Slap's Editor-in-Chief Mike Hubert, Freddy of Strange Bird Distributon and Justin Carlson (Think Team Manger) lurking in the background.

Last Friday night, Nov. 9th, at the Mars Bar in San Francisco, Calif., Slap Magazine hosted its 20th-anniversary-issue release party, along with the premiere of the Think Skateboards video, "Business in the Pacific Northwest."


20th Anniversary issue of Slap Magazine.

Free copies of Slap were given away at the door while their newest online video series, GX1000, looped on the screen. The cover of the limited-edition Slap Magazine features a front-to-back spread of Omar Salazar doing a frontside boardslide at Fort Miley. The cover really gives way to the history and feeling of Slap -- a black-and-white shot with the quote, "Ain't Dead Yet!" That should give any OG skate nerd some goose bumps!

As the walls closed in and the SF skate scene began filling the bar, Think's "Business in the Pacific Northwest" blazed bright on the screen. Think Skateboards took a tour of the Northwest, which is also featured in the limited-edition issue of Slap. Stay tuned to for the tour's viral premiere, coming in about a week.

Slap isn't just a website for ranting and raving, Editor in Chief Mike Hubert claims. "An annual mag is in the future," he says, further proclaiming that a tangible product from Slap is something that will continue to happen under the right circumstances.

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