Worship Friendship

Jackson Casey, the creator of the new "Worship Friendship" video sits down and explains the process.

It's been almost two years since Jackson Casey released his last independent video Boyish. It featured a slew of very talented skateboarders both from Arizona and the midwest and upon its release garnished heavy praise from skaters world wide. When I went to China to visit my friends a year ago I walked into their apartment and Boyish was what they were watching on their TV halfway across the world, true story. With that being said, Jackson Casey is at it again and this time it is in the form of Worship Friendship. We at ESPN had the opportunity to watch the video before the premiere and sit down with Casey to talk about the video process. Make sure you check it out if you're in the Tempe Arizona area today, Saturday, Oct. 20, or get yourself a copy online at worshipfriendship.com.

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