"Talk is Cheap," no easy task

As the final screws, layers of wood and fresh coats of paint are applied to this year's ramps at the Texas Toast Jam in Austin, Texas, Cult's Robbie Morales and team finally get to close the book on the highly anticipated new DVD, "Talk is Cheap."

Tonight, Cult's second video, which has been in the works for over two years, will be premiering at Shakespeare's Pub, located on the infamous Sixth Street in the heart of the Texas capital. The first showing starts at 8 p.m. and is open to all ages, followed by a 21 and over premiere with rapper Philly Swain rocking the after party.

The buildup leading to this week's premiere has been rough. The video was set to be released during the summer but with any project of this magnitude, deadlines are often pushed back.

In today's BMX video landscape, pressure to release footage almost weekly is juggled by most companies in the industry. However, for the second full-length video, Cult has once again brought on one of BMX's most meticulous videographers, Ryan Navazio, and has focused the project on representing the diversity of their team.

"Doing a DVD is no easy task," Robbie said. "Technology has progressed so fast, the making of a full-length DVD almost feels like a lost art form. Let alone the stress it puts on the company, riders, filmers and editor, but at the end of the day it's a small representation of who we are as a crew -- we really like just riding every day, if the clips come they come."


"Talk is Cheap," coming to a DVD player near you.

By visiting Cult's Vimeo page it seems as though clips come naturally to this crew, and since the company began in 2009 they have steadily grown their team of "Generals" and "Family" members. Although, getting the group together is probably the most difficult task. A lot of the team spends a significant amount of time in Southern California, and after the birth of Chase Dehart's son earlier this year most of his time has been spent back east. But one of the biggest hubs and center of inspiration for Cult has always revolved around the city of Austin.

"Austin is amazing, and we have a ton of people who are involved with Cult there," Robbie said. "We don't hype that side of it up that much but shouts to Adam L. Roye, Hawk, Bas, Devon, Colt Woody and Empire, for being awesome."

The Texas Toast event this year will begin with a premiere that many will continue to debate about the potential impact of full-length videos, but there's no debate that The Gauntlet of Death Challenge on Saturday following the premiere will leave many breathless. They have a wedge-to-wedge obstacle with a giant spinning wheel in the center -- it basically looks like a hamster toy that you have to ride over.

Whether the buzz is about Cult's latest video or the insanely creative course, this weekend's Texas Toast event will leave riders "talking" for weeks.

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