Inside Matt Beringer's Utah house

Jeremy Pavia

S&M Bikes/Odyssey pro Matt Beringer at home in Layton, Utah.

S&M/Odyssey pro Matt Beringer has spent the past eleven years dedicated to having the most unique backyard setup in all of BMX, and he's accomplished that goal by ten-fold. Beringer has had some of the most iconic riders in all of BMX come through over the years to shred and honestly, you could write a book with all of the stories from the wildness that has gone down since the beginning. Recently while I was out in shooting in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, I was lucky enough to stay with Matt and I got to thinking that most people only see what's in the backyard and garage. So I decided to change that and give everyone an exclusive look within the walls of the Beringer compound. Matt was kind enough to sit down and tell me a little bit about each room so take a few minutes and see what it's like to hang out at one of the coolest BMX houses in existence.

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