Bike check -- Reed Stark's BSD Forever

Cody York

Reed Stark and his BSD Forever V2 XL setup.

In years past, taller riders had few options that exceeded a 21" top tube size in frames, in addition to bars that exceeded an 8" rise. That of course is no longer the case, and a number of brands now offer frames that go beyond a 21" top tube size in addition to very tall bars. Glasgow, Scotland's BSD is one such brand.

BSD's midwest connect, Reed Stark, is over 6-feet tall. But he's comfortable on BSD's Forever V2 frame, which is offered in an XL (21.5" top tube) size, in addition to Reed's signature Giraffic bars, which clock in with a 9-inch rise. According to Reed, "Initially I was hesitant to ride a frame with a 21.5" top tube, but the change to a bigger bike has turned out to be quite nice." In the following bike check, Reed goes inside his current setup, which includes a range of BSD components and a purple/chrome approach. Click on the gallery for the photos.

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