The Hunt to premiere "Gold Rush"

Tonight, at the Art Theatre in Long Beach, Calif., round two of The Hunt's ongoing video contest, entitled "Gold Rush" premieres at 9 p.m. This year, The Hunt features standout sections from riders such as Jourdan Barba, Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Joel Marchant, Justin Care, Daniel Martinez and Chris Hughes, in addition to many others. The premiere will highlight the 15 finalists, plus a bonus section which premieres at 9:30 p.m.

Right now, you might be wondering how it all works. It's a pretty simple concept, spearheaded by Justin Kosman and sponsored by Monster Energy, Skull Candy, Odyssey and Vans. Riders and filmers submit sections, which are then judged by a group of pros that includes Chris Doyle, Jamie Bestwick, Gary Young and Scotty Cranmer. In the end, the winner gets the final part in the video and a trip to Hawaii, along with $2500 in spending money.

"BMX has always been a "build it and they will come" community," says The Hunt's Justin Kosman. "The time was right to create this arena for independent productions. On the surface this will be a great DVD with perspectives on BMX from around the world with creative filming -- and at best some never-before-seen riding will be discovered. This is how riders and filmers get discovered."

According to Kosman, it's not exactly a new concept. In the late '90s and early '00s, a video contest known as Aspire produced some now legendary video sections. Kosman took inspiration from Aspire, and evolved the concept to work within the digital age. "It's part-grassroots, part pro-am, part-pro -- it's whatever you want it to be," says Kosman. "I just wanted to give an opportunity to riders and filmers that didn't have a cool project to do."

Last year, the first year of The Hunt, a then not as well known Chad Kerley worked with filmer Christian Rigal and produced a winning Hunt section in just ten days. The duo won $5000, and it essentially helped to establish Chad's standing in the current ranks of street riding. (Check his part here.)

This year, The Hunt will not only offer DVDs to give lesser known riders a platform to get exposure -- The Hunt will also be available on iTunes. "You'll also be able to rent it on YouTube in the same way that you'd be able to on Netflix," says Kosman.

Check the trailer for The Hunt's "Gold Rush" above, and if you can't make it to the premiere, look for "Gold Rush" on iTunes later this week.

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