Video -- Inside the Mutiny Bikes office

Gaz Sanders goes inside the workings of the Austin-based brand.

In 2005, Gaz Sanders and Joe Simon purchased Mutiny Bikes from founding owner Steev Inge and moved the brand to Austin, Texas. As the new owners took over the brand, Mutiny took on a new life as a bike company, and almost everything about the company changed. In the following years, Mutiny released several now iconic videos and revamped everything from frames to team riders to graphics (which, by my own admittance, are some of the best in BMX).

Now seven years later, Mutiny continues to produce some of the best BMX hard goods and videos in all of BMX. Recently, Mutiny team rider George Boyd decided to take a look inside the workings of Mutiny, and the above video is the result. I know everyone might be industry'd out after this week's Interbike coverage, but this is a small taste of what it's like in a home grown, rider-owned BMX company.

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