NORA Cup Award winners announced

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Garrett Reynolds (left) and Chad Kerley (right) accept their NORA Cup Awards in Las Vegas.

Ride BMX Magazine returned with their 16th annual NORA (Number One Rider Award) Cup show last night at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Nev. and winners included Drew Bezanson (Ramp), Mike "Hucker" Clark (Dirt), Yohei Uchino (Flatland), Garrett Reynolds (Street) and Sam Willoughby (Race).

This past June, Garrett Reynolds won his fifth-straight X Games Gold in BMX Street, and last night, Reynolds added his fifth-straight NORA Cup Award for Street Rider of the Year. Reynolds accepted the award and kept his time at the podium short. "I can't talk in front of a lot of people. Shout out to everyone that voted," said Reynolds as he exited the stage.

This year, Ride BMX also included a Reader's Choice Award, which went to Premium/Nike rider Chad Kerley, who said he was "so hyped to win" and thanked all in attendance.

In the video category, the state of Utah took home two awards for the Shawn "Elf" Walters and Jordan Utley produced video "Killjoy," (Video of the Year) and Dave Thompson (Best Video Part). The entire cast of riders in "Killjoy" swarmed the stage, including S&M rider Matt Beringer, who was wearing bowling shoes.


Matt Beringer's bowling shoes (left) and ads for David Space at the NORA Cup show.

The event was hosted by Eastern's Leigh Ramsdell, and featured Ramsdell in various costumes throughout the night, including Tony the Tiger, his superhero alter ego "Captain Idiot" and a red Adidas track suit. And presenters included Shad Johnson (Video of the Year), Jason Enns (Best Video Part), Josh Heino (Street), Brian Lopes (Race), Hal Brindley (Dirt), Tony Murray (Ramp) and some weird dude that kept referring to health care issues while presenting the flatlander of the year award (myself).

On top of new promos from DC and Dan's Comp, the night began with a video documenting Ride's legacy that included commentary from legendary riders that have graced the pages of the magazine, including Tim "Fuzzy" Hall, Mat Hoffman, Mike Escamilla and Brian Foster, among others. Following the Ride video, a poignant tribute to the the riders who passed away in the past year was played, including footage of Rickey Bates, Gary Dimartine, Dane Searls, Randy Taylor and Mike Tagliavento.

In years past, the NORA Cup had been traditionally held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, but Ride BMX chose a venue closer to the tradeshow this year, inside of the Venetian and soon to be occupied by David Spade this weekend.

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