Cole Seely getting back on track

While go-karting with friends, Cole Seely updates us on his recovery from injuries.

After damaging an artery to his kidney and lacerating his liver in a practice crash back in April, supercross rider Cole Seely has been filling his time with some extracurricular passions of his -- skating and a little drifting.

Eagerly looking forward to getting back on the bike and reclaiming his motocross career, Seely has been enjoying a little time off at the go-kart track Pole Position in Murrieta, Calif., with his trainer Charles Dao and friends.

Go-kart bashing sessions and motocross seem to go hand in hand and there was no shortage of take-outs, T-bones, and brake checks. After a few races on the board we had a chance to talk with Seely [see above video] about what he's been up to all summer and how his physical rehabilitation is going.

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