On the road with the Credence/S&M team

Brian Yeagle

Clint Reynolds, roadside repairs. Somewhere, USA.

In late spring, Verde pro Brian Yeagle embarked on a road trip with Clint Reynolds and the rest of the Credence Bikes crew, who were just entering into the process of forming a partnership with S&M Bikes whereas Clint and the Credence team rode S&M-built Credence frames and bars. Along the way, the crew, which included Matty Aquizap, Clint Reynolds, James P. Nutter and Yeagle, camped, fished, rode bikes, skated and generally did their best to not use a map and enjoy the open road.

Yeagle was busy traveling most of the summer, but sent over a wealth of photos from his travels as the summer drew to a close. As the weeks progressed, Brian narrowed his collection down to twelve photos, and utilizing journal entries he made along the way, pieced together the accompanying the photo gallery to document his summer.

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