Cue the campaign for X Games Best Whip

Courtesy of Whiskey Throttle Productions

"After my dad taught me how to whip it a little when I was growing up, that was all I wanted to do," Brett Cue says.

It's never too early to start lobbying for an invitation to compete in X Games.

Oklahoma rider Brett Cue is featured in a new BShipmanFilms video on YouTube that shows his whipping skills off a metal ramp for the first time along with Derek Cook in Piedmont, Okla.

"I like to consider myself a freestyler at heart, but I can't do any tricks. That's the problem. So, I just kind of I do whips all day," Cue says in the video.

Finally in this election year we get a little positive campaigning. Enjoy Cue's skills in the above video and keep checking to see if he gets an invitation to X Games Los Angeles 2013.

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