2012 Aqua Olympics, Austin, Texas

Sandy Carson

Chase Hawk airs the mini ramp at the 2012 Aqua Olympics.

The past time of lake jumping (attaching a flotation device to a BMX bike, grabbing a ramp and letting it fly into water) has existed on the fringes of BMX as something done from time to time in the summer, but with recent organized events in Austin and Southern California, the not-so-serious side of hucking one's self into water on a BMX bike is experiencing a bit of a renaissance.

As the second annual Fun Fun Fun Fest rolled into Austin, Texas, the newly christened Aqua Olympics joined the festivities and included aqua tug-o-wars, paddle board jousting, and new for this year, a gigantic pro BMX launch into water, which attracted locals pros such as Chase Hawk, Hanson Little, Nina Buitrago and more. Check the gallery.

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