Bruce Irons drops in on Jackson bros.

"Brothers On The Run" continues through Mexico as the Jackson Brothers try and get from Alaska to Chile in time to actually do some South American snowboarding. And, as they leave Baja, they find out that Mexico is actually a pretty big country...

"[In Mazatlan], we met up with our old family friends, the Londales, and took a trip out to the dump to feed the people who live and work there," says John J. "It was rad -- we gave away 30 pairs of shoes from DVS and cooked 300 hot dogs. It's crazy to see the [poor] living situation here yet people are still super positive."

"My most memorable moment...was meeting up with Bruce Irons at Pasquales and getting towed into the heaviest waves of my life. It was an experience I will never forget," adds E-Jack.

"We had a really fun trek to Pascaules but were getting more and more intimidated the closer we got. Everyone was saying it's a gross, ugly spot, we were going to get ripped off, and, based on our lack of skill, that we would die if we tried to surf that wave. I almost didn't even want to go, but our stay was the exact opposite of what we expected. We got involved with the town right away, met some of the best people on this trip -- and I got barreled for the first time in my life. It was sad to leave, which has been the pattern of this trip: each stop is a rad little chapter and something we'll never forget," says John.

We'll be taking a little siesta from our extensive BOTR coverage and checking back in with the Jackson Bros when they're back on-snow in Chile.

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