Windells Camp summer BMX session

Shawn Mcintosh, Bruce Crisman and Paul Cvikevic sesssion Windells Camp in Oregon.

Windells is a year-round action sports camp based in Brightwood, Ore., about 45 minutes from Portland. The camp hosts winter sessions for snowboarding and skiing, and summer sessions for skateboarding and BMX. Much like Woodward, pros are encouraged to come visit and ride with the campers, but Windells is a little more looser -- the pros are allowed to 360 off of the camper's cabins.

In the above video, Portland area BMXers Shawn McIntosh and Paul Cvikevich session Windells concrete. And with them is special guest Bruce Crisman, who recently joined the 2hip team and seems to be emerging back onto the BMX scene. Video by Ben Hucke.

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