From the air to water with Derek Garland

Chris Tedesco

No matter what his tour duties are, Derek Garland loves "jumping at them all."

With the busier part of the FMX year winding down, riders who have lived out of their suitcases, gear bags the past seven months are finally finding some time to recharge and relax.

This is never more true for Derek Garland who seems to be home only long enough to do a load of laundry and head back out the door. From the Nuclear Cowboyz Tour to the Journeys Backyard BBQ and the Rockstar Metal Mayhem tours, Garland has been going nonstop.

Life on the road can be made easy when coming home to his sailboat, "Mayhem," his pride and joy back in his hometown of San Clemente, Calif. With some spare time on his hands now I had a chance to sit down with Garland and catch up on his year so far in 2012. This is what he had to say: How's it been going in 2012 for you?
It's been going great. Lots of riding, running and swimming. I have a marathon coming up in November, and I'm doing a swim from Alcatraz at the end of August. Maybe an IronMan in 2013?

What all tours were you on this year?
I started off the year on the Nuclear Cowboyz tour for the third consecutive year, and the show was really great. They added some new elements this year that were insane. It's always a great bunch of people to work with and the fans are awesome. Rode on the Journeys Backyard BBQ Tour for the sixth year – It's cool to mix it up with the BMX and skateboarders on this tour. Mayhem Rockstar Festival for the fifth year – The metal fans love the jump shows, so it's such a great crowd.

Which one did you have the most fun on?
Honestly it's hard to say. Every tour is so unique and I love jumping at them all.

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Hanging out with Slayer's Kerry King was a bonus for Derek Garland while on the Metal Mayhem Tour.

You were on the Mayhem tour, which had a killer band lineup with Motorhead, Slipknot, Slayer. How much fun is it seeing all those bands live? A lot of the bands on the tour I grew up listening to, so being able to see them perform every day is awesome. They make me want to step up my guitar skills. It's awesome getting positive feedback about our shows from the fans and the bands too.

Are those guys moto fans ?
Yeah, it's awesome. Over the past five years seeing some of the top metal bands come over to watch our jump shows every day.

What was the most memorable moment for you on the Mayhem tour?
Partying with Kerry King from Slayer.

Any funny pranks get pulled on anyone?
Someone on the bus brushed his teeth with hemorrhoid cream.

You participated in this year's Surfercross, how was that? What place did you end up?
Yeah, I heard about Surfercross a couple weeks ago and was able to go down and enter. I actually did the event 10 years ago, Cameron Steele and I got paired up together and we took third in the industry class back then. I was 17, [Laughs] Growing up in San Clemente I spent a lot of my time in the water, I don't surf too much anymore but like riding a bike, you never forget how.

The way it works is every pro surfer draws a pro racer's name out of a hat. Myself being an FMX guy with a surfing background signed up as a pro surfer. I got paired up with Ricky Yorks. He rode awesome the first day at Starwest and we went 4-1 for the day putting us in second overall going into the surf contest. The surf contest was a blast, not sure how we ended up for the day but it was good enough for a third place overall in the pro class. All in all I think Surfercross is a great event and everyone there had fun.

Anyone you'd like to thank?
Thanks to Cameron Steele for helping me start my career in freestyle. Metal Mulisha, Rockstar Energy Drink, Osiris Shoes, my roommates for keeping my house clean while I'm on tour, and of course Mom and Dad!

Chris Ganz

Derek Garland surfed his way to third place [with teammate Ricky Yorks] in the Surfercross pro class.

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