My Eyes Are Open comes to Bethlehem

Courtesy of Keith Terra

Keith Terra's photo show My Eyes Are Open starts tonight at Kurent BMX shop in Bethlehem, Pa.

Longtime ESPN contributing photographer Keith Terra, the same Keith Terra that once wore very baggy pants during the intro to his section in the Base Brooklyn video "Neighborhood Superheroes," remains one of the most respected rider/photographers in all of BMX. For over a decade, Terra has stayed close to home in Long Island to build and ride trails, documenting the evolution of one of the most respected trail scenes in the U.S. This weekend, Terra travels to another trail mecca, Bethlehem, Pa., for the opening of a new photo show dubbed "My Eyes Are Open" at Kurent BMX. Along with Terra's trail shots from Long Island, the show contains a selection of Terra's best photos from the past and present. Recently, we hit up Terra to discuss the show. Can you tell us what type of photos you'll be exhibiting at the show?
Terra: All the photos for the show are BMX related, whether it be portraits of people that ride or photos of actual riding. There are a few that I'm displaying that no one has seen yet, and there are a few classics that are from my book, like the one amazing shot I have of Mike Aitken -- that might have been that last photo taken of him prior to his terrible accident. There are photos of people such as the immortal Brian Foster, the skilled Sean Sexton, the great Garrett Byrnes, the unforgettable Mike Tag, the hesh of Kenny Horton and more.

Courtesy of Keith Terra

The great Garrett Byrnes, shot by Keith Terra.

Why pick Bethlehem for a photo show?
My good friend Kyle Keck recently opened a new bike shop in Bethlehem called Kurent BMX, and he's been asking me if I wanted to do a photo show for a few weeks now. It worked out well with this weekend because this is the start of Musikfest in B-town and there should be a lot of people floating around the city. And we are having it on the first day of the fest and it's always a good time on that day.

Where did the name of the show come from?
It's the title of my photo book. I wanted to keep with same theme of it. And there are some prints going to be displayed that are from the book as well.  

Are you selling prints at the show?
Honestly, I'm not doing this to make money or anything. I just like to display my work and hopefully give some people something cool to look at and talk about. My prints are not going to have a price tag on them, but if someone wants to purchase one, I'm sure we'll be able to work something out.

Are copies of your book still available?
Yes, copies of my book are still available. They are available through

Finally, what have you been up to this summer as far as photography goes?
I've just been keeping pretty busy with things -- traveling a bit and getting around documenting some good times with good people. Now that summer is in full swing, I have some good ideas for some trail-related pieces for some magazines. I'm excited to get started on them, and I hope the weather agrees with me. The life of trails revolves around good ole mother nature.  

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