am:pm set to release third video in July

Courtesy of am:pm

Random NYC spot to be featured in am:pm's upcoming video, "am:pm3."

am:pm, the New York City based street riding crew/videos/whatever is set to release its third video, "am:pm3," at the end of July. Produced by Skavenger rider Joey Piazza, the am:pm videos feature a heavy dose of creative and grind-based street riding set to great soundtracks. The videos, featuring some of the east coast's most interesting riders like Mark 'Ratkid' Gralla, Tyrone Williams, Edwin De La Rosa, and Chris Johnsson, among others, capture the essence of searching for street spots in a city that is constantly changing.

Piazza documents much of this change and spot destruction through photographs on the am:pm blog, aptly subtitled "pedaling around the boros using your foot for a brake." The last am:pm video, "Urban Appetizers," was considered for a Nora Cup in 2010. It didn't win, which doesn't really seem to bother Piazza -- he seems more concerned with finding more elusive storm door set-ups, thrift store gems and the ultimate slice of pizza. Until the release of what is sure to be another street classic, you can follow Piazza and am:pm's lo-fi brand of BMX at the am:pm website.

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