Shane Weston's Fly Montana

Cody York

Shane Weston in Long Beach, Calif. <a class="launchGallery" href=""><i>Launch Gallery &#187;</i></a>

In mid-2011, Shane Weston left longtime sponsor Hoffman Bikes for a new gig with Fly Bikes, who has been steadily expanding their team with more recent additions such as Devon Smillie and Matt Roe. After joining Fly, Shane hooked up a new Montana frame and bars kit with a complete selection of components from parts sponsor éclat. And before his bike got too wrecked, we managed to sit him down and get him to discuss his setup.

Shane is currently filming for the Dan's Comp full-length video, sweating it out in Nashville, Tenn., and patiently awaiting the start of the NBA season. Since that doesn't happen till October, he'll most likely spend that time riding.

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