Fairdale's Seattle to San Francisco trip

Sandy Carson

Honorary Fairdale team rider Nick Coombes, on the road. <a class="launchGallery" href="http://espn.go.com/action/photos/gallery/_/id/8177407/fairdale-bicycles-seattle-san-francisco-road-trip"><i>Launch Gallery &#187;</i></a>

In mid-June, veteran BMX pros Taj Mihelich and Sandy Carson planned a different type of road trip. Instead of packing up the van and venturing out in search of new spots to ride, they packed their Fairdale road bikes and planned an epic 900-mile road bike ride from Seattle, Wash. to San Francisco, Calif. The trip was done to raise funds for the ASPCA of Austin, Texas, and included guests such as Nick Coombes (who rode the entire ride from Portland to S.F., 1135 miles), Seth Holton, who joined from Seattle to Portland, and Rob Jensen, who guided the team around Arcata, Calif.

According to Mihelich, who clocked in 853 miles from Portland to S.F., "The trip was full of amazing adventures and every hill top was a feat of personal accomplishment. The friends were exceptionally good to me and my body seems to have held up just fine. How soon I'll want to launch out on another big ride I'm not sure. Sandy seems to have planned about four more while on this ride. He kept mentioning doing a European one to help launch Fairdale over there so we'll keep you updated."

For now, check the photos from the Seattle to San Franciso venture, and check out Taj's account of the trip.

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