Inside Nate Wessel's Pa. home

Cody York

Nate Wessel in Central Pa.

Innovative ramp builder and designer Nate Wessel has done it all in BMX. On top of maintaining status as a pro rider for years, Nate was an early influence in the creation of the Chenga World Skatepark franchise, which in turn influenced the design of modern indoor and outdoor skatepark design. Wessel's innovative designs and ability to link ramps together created a legacy he is still pursuing to this day. And because of Nate's design ability, he has traveled the world to design and build ramps for whatever is needed. But to call Nate just a ramp guy is a disservice to his riding.

Nate is quite the burly rider. He's ridden for brands such as Terrible One, Demolition, Fox and Etnies, and was one of the first riders to innovate the lateral ramp-to-ramp transfer (along with the 360 version of it.) To this day, Nate's ramp-to-ramp technique is widely used by top pros, and we're not even mentioning his ability to pedal fast, hop and gap some of the craziest setups in street.

These days, in between ramp jobs, Nate calls central Pennsylvania home. Recently, Nate invited us over for the grand tour, and this is the result. Welcome to the Wessels.

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