Rehab, riding on deck for athletes

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Kyle Loza attempts his bike flip June 29 during the Best Trick competition.

A number of Moto X riders suffered a variety of injuries at X Games Los Angeles 2012 last month. Here are updates on some of the most significant among them:

Myles Richmond -- broken left femur, broken right talus and fibula.
Richmond had a second surgery on his right ankle last week. He had the first surgery on the ankle and surgery to repair the femur June 29. In the Step Up competition Richmond's motorcycle stalled in mid-air 35-plus feet above the ground because of a clutch drag experienced by most 2012 Honda 450 riders. His bike then went into a nosedive, resulting in his injuries.
Estimated time off: three months for the femur, but the ankle and foot will take longer. Richmond hopes to be back in six months.

Kyle Loza -- torn tissue, three fractures, torn ligaments in both feet.
Trying to pull off his illustrious bike flip in Best Trick, Loza didn't quite get all the rotation needed to flip the bike all the way around, resulting in him pushing away from the bike mid-air and coming down on his feet without the bike.
Estimated time off: Indefinite.

Ronnie Renner -- sprained, hyperextended left wrist.
Also competing in this year's Step up competition at X Games, Renner and Matt Buyten reached heights of almost 50 feet in the air. As Renner said, "The only thing I really think about is the landing, will my body take the hit." Coming down from that height onto a steep landing in first gear leaves your bike so tight in the motor and suspension you virtually have very little use of your suspension.
Estimated time off: hoping for three weeks.

Andre Villa -- bruised fingers, scratches, a small concussion.
During the Freestyle competition Villa crashed, which caused him to opt out of the second run. It was rumored that three fractures in his pelvis were discovered after the crash, but correcting that Villa said "I was having problems with my hip and had already scheduled an MRI for the day after X Games, but after crashing that night I learned the pain was from my previous crash [Aug. 8, 2011] in Poland when I smashed myself to pieces."
Estimated time off: Villa will skip next month's Red Bull X Fighters Munich, finish his August months of demos and then take the time off to have the piece of bone floating in his pelvis taken out.

Bruce Cook: broken ribs, bruised pelvis, massive hematoma on hip.
Cook was attempting a rock solid back flip when he under rotated, plunging him into the ground, end over end.
Estimated time off: Already back riding .

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