No Dinosaurs Will Die in this video

Dinosaurs Will Die is a rider-owned and operated snowboard company setting the example of how it should be done. Jeff Keenan and Sean Genovese have poured a tremendous amount of effort into creating and maintaining a brand that has stayed true to its original ideals of having fun while destroying features from Japan to the B.C. backcountry.

After years of farming their team through the Think Thank ranks, they decided it was time to put out a full-length team video to show the world that the DWD team could stand on its own two legs. With the addition of Ben Bogart and Chris Brewster to the DWD roster the timing couldn't have been better. We sat down with Dino founder Sean Genovese to get his take on the new film project.

ESPN: Why did you feel the need to make a team video?
Genovese: I just felt like it had to be done, we needed to do something to show what the identity behind the brand is -- we wanted a chance to show what our company was really all about. Our guys aren't contest riders. It's always been about filming video parts and we just wanted a chance to showcase that in our own way.


You just added some new talent. Is this all an effort to grow the brand?
I think where we are now is really where we wanted to be since we started: we wanted to be able to introduce new riders through video projects and pro models. It never made sense to have another pro model in our line until we signed Ben Bogart. Chris Larson could probably have a pro model because he is better then us, but he hasn't got the coverage yet. Ben has like over ten video parts under his belt and we felt he deserved a pro model.

Was this everyone's main film project for the year?
Yes, I think that's a misconception that's out there right now-- everyone thinks this was a side project. Brewster had some other things going on, but this was his main project. I'm sure the guys will appear in other videos, but this was everyone on the team's main focus.

Most of your team has filmed with Think Thank at some point. Was there any issue with the DWD team not being in the Think Thank movie this year?
No, no issues. You could see it happening in "Right Brain/Left Brain" -- that was two videos. That project was an experiment to see if two videos could work even though they were sold together. The whole point was to be able to watch those videos separately and we always referred to them as either Left Brain or Right Brain.


Sean Genovese, gap to 50-50 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Think Thank is more of a family and once you're in you're in for life. Sometimes riders have other obligations or need to act on other opportunities -- we understand that and let people leave and come back. The crew has gotten so big now, if we ran everyone in the same video it would be over an hour long, and videos shouldn't be an hour long.

The Dino project is actually the second Think Thank project this year. The video is in association with Think Thank, and Bent Metal as well. So really it's all still Think Thank.

I really like the teaser. It's fast and loose with loud rock and roll. Is that the vibe the video is going for, sort of skate style?
It's just sort of the way it's gone. We haven't got deep into the editing process, but you usually go into filming with an idea of what you want and then it never turns out that way.

You can't force the footage, you have to work with what you have. It usually just sort of takes a certain direction that you have to run with. That's what happened with the Superpark edit. I had this idea in my head but it sort of just took on it's own direction.

Is anyone going to have a surprise part that really stands out?
There are a few kids that are under the radar that might surprise some people -- kids that aren't listed in the teaser credits but will have footage in the video. Keenan filmed a full a part which he hasn't done for a while, so that should be really good too.

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