Chamberlain on his 'Jibberish' full part

When Canadian Simon Chamberlain got together with fellow jibber extraordinaire JP Walker to form Jibberish, fans of the two riders knew they'd be in for more video than they could handle. Along with sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes footage all season long, the pair's big promise was ambitious: Full parts, released for free, in July.

"I am happy we came together and did this," said Chamberlain. "We had a lot of doubters and haters during making this project happen. I hope that people are hyped on the end result. I am so happy for JP, he grinded super hard this season and has another amazing part coming out. I am also so proud of my brother Andre; he filmed and edited everything with no complaints and did an amazing job. Thanks to anyone and everyone who helped us make this project!"

Chamberlain's three-minute part, scored by Canadian band The Bahamas, dropped on Sunday -- appropriately enough on Canada Day. Likewise, Walker's part goes public July 4 -- a.k.a. "America Day." Clearly, NAFTA's got nothing on these two when it comes to "free trade," so we hit up Chamberlain to get the inside line on his offering:

ESPN: Are you looking forward to this Jibberish part dropping more than previous parts in other, "traditional" videos?
Yeah, I think every snowboarder looks forward to having your part come out. I am proud of it. I had a fun year riding with someone that I look up to, and having someone film me that I look up to also...

This year is definitely a different approach on how it is coming out. We wanted to give back and make something free for the kids. It makes it easier for us to put it out early just because we don't have the pressure of putting out a whole movie, so the editing process doesn't take as long. I think it is good to just to put it out before any other videos are out. Could be a cool start to the video season... we will see. It feels good knowing that what we are [releasing] is all us; it is our input 100-percent.

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Simon Chamberlain, beating everyone to the 2012 full-part punch.

It seems like independence is pretty important to you, from ownership in Nomis to Stepchild to Jibberish? Why is it better to run your own show versus being a line item in a spreadsheet somewhere?

It's hard sometimes... I mean, I wish some days that all I had to do was focus on snowboarding. In a way, though, it's awesome just to look at my career and know how much I have experienced on every side of it. I have a great team of people behind me in all those areas and I feel blessed I can enjoy what I do without too much stress.

Has what you want to do on your board changed at all in the last few seasons?
Every year, I tell myself: Film a video part and have fun doing it. Sometimes pressure creeps in and other things distract you, but I just try to stay focused and film. It is so important for me to have a good time doing it, though. I try new tricks every year to keep me motivated. I like to ride everything just because there is so much in snowboarding that is a good time. I grew up riding jibs so that is what I love to do the most.

What are people going to get with these segments that they won't get anywhere else?
JP has two tricks in the streets that have never been done -- so that will be something to look forward to. I just think our parts are going to come out reflecting ourselves. Going against the odds, working with a really small crew, having a bad snow year, and yet we just grinded and made it work. We had a good time filming, and I think that will show.

What's the one trick you're stoked you got on lock?
There are a couple I am hyped on, but I don't think I can pick just one. This year there were times for sure where I wished I had more energy to keep going and get some tricks on things that I wanted to hit. When you have a small crew you get tired quicker so at the end of the trip, after 10 days of grinding and pulling bungees and stuff, you're just beat. So there are a bunch of spots and tricks that I really want to get next year.

Do you and JP ever get sick of each other? Looks like a long season with a lot of long plane rides and meals.
We work together very well. I have the utmost respect for him as a person and his riding. He has definitely taught me a lot of things. Maybe the one thing that bugs me about him is that he is never wrong. The Dude does his research...

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Breakfast of champions?

How much heat have you guys received from The Burning ritual and what would you say to the haters who just see it as a waste and/or environmental insult?
I don't read comments on the Internet any more, so I don't really know what kind of heat we are getting. I am sure some people get bummed seeing gear get burned. I could see why it would look bad. However, I usually get so much stuff every year and I give everything away for free to kids, friends, and donation bins at the end of the year. Every year, though, I have a pair of pants, a jacket, and some boots that I would never give away just because they are wrecked so badly.

Trust me: those boots I burned could have started that fire with their stench alone. It would have all gotten thrown in the garbage, so instead we just do a little ritual to commemorate the end of the season. We never intended to offend anyone, and we don't take the gear that we receive for granted at all.  

Now that you have a season under your belts, what changes do you anticipate for next year?
Well, who knows what the future brings? I think it would be awesome to do it again. If we do, I am praying for a better snow year, because I know everybody was hit hard with that this year.

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