Aaron Ross checks in from the road

Keith Terra

Aaron Ross, rail 180 on a recent filming trip for Sunday.

ESPN.com: How have things been? 
Ross: Things have been insane and great! I'm happy and traveling a lot, pretty much the last seven months I haven't been home. I've been pretty much healthy also, so bike riding has been super good. Feels awesome! 

It seems like you're on the road a lot. How many days will you be home this month?
In the last two months I think I was home like 14 days. I don't get home till July 4.

Where is the next trip to and for what?
I'm on a Etnies Journeys tour. We were in OKC, headed to Denver then California for X Games. And then Vegas with all my friends from Austin.

How did you get into racing?
I raced when I was a kid. I rode "freestyle" in the streets and went to the track. I was young and just wanted to ride anything at all. I loved racing just as much as street. I didn't race or ride trails for years and now I love riding everything again. I'm not in anyway competitive about racing -- I just love to go as fast as possible. 

What is your race bike set up?
I have a GT race frame with all Odyssey parts. It's a glorified "trail" bike. It's fun and I clip in. No feeling like pedaling as fast as you can next to seven other people clipped into your bike. It's fun. 

Keith Terra

Tailwhip with ease down stairs.

Are you going to race nationals and try to become a contender?
Probably not. I would love to race some big races but I don't have time so who knows.

Out of all the sides of BMX that you ride, which do you enjoy the most and why?
I enjoy street the most. It's the most creative and unique and I really push myself the most on street. Trails are super relaxing and the best feeling in the world and racing is just fun and different then everything else. They are all so different for different reasons. A perfect day would be waking up, riding trails in the morning, street in the afternoon and racing at night. 

Brakes or brakeless on street?
Brakeless is super fun and it makes you ride completely different. Both are fun but I like doing a lot of the stuff I do with brakes. 

Brakes or brakeless on trails?
Brakes are more relaxing and chill. Brakeless is more of a rush and awesome! I will do either they are both awesome! Those two are hard.

Clips or clipless racing?
Clips for me. 

Are you happy with your Empire part?
I am happy with it. Some of it is old but I'm stoked on it. I think it holds up though.

Are you filming for any other projects now or in the near future?
There's a few things.

Any updated or new signature products we should be on the lookout for?
There's a few things in the works but not close enough to talk about.

What place will the the Texas Rangers finish in this year?
Probably second. 

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