Brothers on an Alaska surf mission

Not many of us would willingly pack into a rig with our sibling for a drive from Alaska to Chile, but the Jackson brothers are pulling it off like men who were once boys. And it's not just about the snowboarding... Episode 4 of the Brothers on the Run saga sees E-Jack and John getting wet on a surf mission, AK-style, continuing their tradition of having fun by all means necessary.

We caught John Jackson behind the wheel and asked him about last frontier surfing with his little brother, Travis Rice and pro surfer Ian Walsh. "Yeah, it's cool," he says. "It's got a totally different vibe than the snow. I'm really excited to see how it turns out and how people like it."

ESPN: What can we look forward to in Episode 4?
John Jackson:
We're up in Alaska surfing. We hopped on a boat in Homer and went south down to Seward. Then we just surfed a bunch of spots along the way. We spent about five days on the boat. It was awesome: just camped out. Full boat life.

We're trying to chase the swell, hoping to end up with waves and -- waves or no waves -- it was so awesome being out there in such a serene place... You literally could have ridden a spine line right down to the ocean and hopped on a surfboard to try and catch some waves.

Can't imagine there's much surf in Crowley Lake where you guys come from.
I think the most common interest there is we just love surfing. It's so much fun, you know, the same reason why we got into snowboarding. And my grandma lives in Costa Mesa [Calif.] so we came down and saw her for holidays growing up and that was usually our surf and skate time. Comin' down south... It seems like we used to skate more than surf but, as I got a little bit older we started surfing more.

What else is cool about this next AK drop?
I think the coolest thing about the [entire] AK section is that is was so on the fly. I mean, that's probably gonna be how a lot of this trip is... We came back from the Tordrillos Ep. 2 and 3 which were pretty much on the fly a couple days before. Pull the trigger and you're going out there. Then, with the boat trip, we're coming back and, you know, one day and it's, "Let's get on this boat. Oh, everything's working out. Here we go..." You know?

And then we come back and we're getting terrible snow reports, so we're like, "Let's see if we can go camping." So we flew out to the Alaska Range and camped. That'll be the next episode -- which is rad. All these trips were so spontaneous and [with] such magical little moments within each one, it was pretty cool.

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