AK by ski plane

Freeskiing World Tour competitors Drew Tabke, Chopo Diaz ski by bush plane near Haines, Alaska

In late April, I spent 11 days camping and backcountry skiing in Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park with my good friends Chopo Diaz and Claudio Vicuña. We were flown from Haines, Alaska, into our base camp in a ski plane by pilot Drake Olsen, the owner of Fly Drake.

This style of trip has been a dream of ours for a long time, and thanks to good planning, cooperative weather, and major support from The North Face Chile, it became a reality. A record-setting winter in much of Alaska gave way to a stable and sunny April, and the solid snow stability and weather we found let us ski virtually anything we could imagine.

Despite our small group size, we all worked together and were able to get some footage we are really proud of, in particular from the lens of photographer and filmer Claudio Vicuña. The content will be used for a short documentary that Diaz will release in late June through his website for the 2012 Chilean winter.

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