The Duff-man Cometh!

Jason Hainault

Corey Duffel-between rehabing his foot and filming for the new Osiris. got Corey Duffel on the phone to discuss Mother's Day at the Duffel house, coming back from injuries, the new additions to the Osiris team and their upcoming video "'Till the Wheels Come Off". Are you back in Walnut Creek (Ca.) now?
Corey: Yeah, I had to come up to see mom on Mother's Day. We just went over to my aunt and uncle's house. Met up with my grandparents and cousins, barbecued some steak, hung out for a couple hours.

How often do you come down to San Diego?
I guess it depends. This time, we were filming for an Osiris commercial. It's got some wild stuff–I think it should be coming out soon.

Jason Hainault

Corey Duffel rips a backside 50/50 on this flatbar in the streets of San Francisco.

So Lee Yankou's on the team now. How long have you known him?
I've known Lee now, since probably 2005. He stayed at my house randomly on a Duffs trip with Nuge, Dyson Ramones, Angel Ramirez and Dave Hoang. I remember he cleaned up and took the garbage out. He even sent me a thank-you card after I let him stay at my house.

Wow, that's really polite.
Of all the house guests I've had, skateboarders are the worst. Crusty punk bands are usually the cleanest, but Lee? Lee came through correct. And he hasn't changed at all- he's still the same guy I met seven years ago. We just kind of became buddies and stayed in touch over the years. It's awesome to get him fully on Osiris, because he was on the international team for, like, four years.

Have you been on any trips with him?
We just went down to Vegas for about two weeks. He was crushing it the whole time. He's got so much determination. Every spot we went to he got something and he never complained. He's a fireball- it makes me want to skate more.

He's just coming off the closing part in the Think video too, so if ever there was a time to take a break, it's now.
Yeah, I don't think that guy takes breaks. He came out with two awesome back-to-back interviews, the cover of a magazine, an awesome video part and he's still calling me up every day to go skate. But I can't skate that much- for every two days I skate, I have to take three or four days off.

Yeah. It kind'a sucks.

You're just coming off an injury now, right?
Yeah, it's been ongoing. In 2009 I was over in Australia and I landed weird on a double set. I dislocated my pinky toe, which caused nerves to pinch in my foot. So I had to walk differently and put a different type of pressure on my foot.

So for three years straight I had a problem with my left foot so I started putting more weight on my right foot. Then I ended up breaking my foot on the right side, and as it healed, calcium deposits built up on my right foot below the ankle. It looks like a golf ball.

I couldn't wear a certain model of shoes because the bone was rubbing against it and it just hurt. So I got this problem, the nerve problem too, so I ended up having surgery on both my feet last year. And that put me out for about four months.

I've just been dealing with that for the last year and a half. It's constant pain, I really have to choose my battles. I can't just go out and skate for fun.

How do you get back in shape after an injury?
A lot of acupuncture and ultrasounds.

I know for a while you were hitting the gym...
Yeah, I should really be doing that. Cuong would call me "Corey Buffel" when I was going to the gym. I have a workout area at my house- I definitely go American Psycho with the push-ups and all that. But I'm afraid the "Buff-Man" days are gone.

Are you allowed to say if Kellen James is getting on Osiris yet?
Oh yeah, Kellen is fully on. He's got an intro ad and video part coming soon. I'm stoked.

He's gonna have a part in the new Osiris video?
I think so. It's supposed to be done sometime this summer. I'm just trying to make my part decent.

Is there a title yet?
The working title is "'Till the Wheels Come Off." It's gonna be an internet-only kind of thing.

I wish brands still put out actual DVDs. I like having my closet full of skate videos.
Oh, me too. I still have a bunch. It's gonna be sick, though.

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