Etnies premieres "Twitch's 420% All-Natural"

On Thursday etnies hosted the world premiere of Jeremy Stenberg's new FMX freeriding film "Twitch's 420% All-Natural" at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach, Calif. The film, directed by Jay Schweitzer and produced by Powerband Films, is Stenberg's first full-length feature since his 2008 video "Twitch: Hoodrich" and will be released on iTunes and DVD on May 14.

"To me, to have a night like this and share it with all my friends and everyone that I love hanging out with was perfect," said Stenberg, after the premiere. "I was pumped and couldn't ask for much more. All in all, it was a perfect night for me."

Nate Adams, Todd Potter, and other riders featured in the film were on hand for the premiere, along with a smattering of celebrities including Travis Barker and etnies CEO Pierre-André Senizergues. "Everyone rolled out," Stenberg said. "I had all my friends here. Jay, everyone that sponsored and supported the movie, and my buddies that rode in the movie."

Stenberg grew up riding in the hills and has said he hopes to transition away from the FMX competition scene and into a career based on freeriding and filming on natural terrain.

"It's rad that all these people came out and all my friends are here to support me and Twitch," said Schweitzer, best known for his On The Pipe series of FMX films. "It's just an honor to be a part of something this cool and to give something back to the freestyle community that's a little bit different than what's out there."

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