Skate portfolio -- Mike Blabac

Mike Blabac

Josh Kalis and shadow, B/S flip. Launch Gallery »

Skateboarding is a visual art form. The words are meaningless without the accompanying photos and videos (and even then the words are unnecessary.) My friend Mike Blabac has been telling the story of skateboarding and how he sees it since the mid '90s. His composition and capturing of action are distinct and recognizable instantly, yet it wasn't until he started working for DC Shoes in 1999 that we learned just how talented he was. Think back to all the history DC has laid over these past 13 years -- Blabac is responsible for the awe you felt when you saw Danny Way jump out of helicopter (or over The Great Wall of China), or Anthony Van Englen's destruction from "The DC Video," or any classic Kalis shot from Love Park. Basically, any amazing image that comes to mind when you think of DC Shoes is thanks to Mike Blabac -- he has helped forge the identity of the brand as much or even more so than the riders themselves. So if you ever get the pleasure to meet Mike, say, "Thank you," for making your world a more amazing place.

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