Level 1 filming for new movie in Europe

Tim Lloyd

Backcountry kickers, powder, fondue and more.

With this winter being so unpredictable, the major ski film companies have had to be flexible with their plans and willing to come up with new destinations. With trips to Sweden, Finland, Japan and Alaska already completed for Level 1 by the end of February, they ventured to mainland Europe, where I caught up with them on a recent trip.

Luckily this trip consisted of three skiers who can easily adapt to the changing conditions: Wiley Miller, Parker White and Chris Logan. After time in Champéry, Switzerland, we moved from big line hunting to big kicker building as jump after jump was built in the surrounding backcountry.

We then moved on to the small resort of Flachauwinkl in Austria. With our stomachs full of wine, bread and cheese and our memory cards full of shots, it was time to leave Europe after a great three-week trip. Be sure to check out the footage when this year's movie drops in the fall.

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