Video -- Drew Bezanson's Bezangers

Drew Bezanson sets the BMX world afire at the 2012 Toronto BMX Jam.

This past weekend was the annual Toronto BMX Jam, and DK's Drew Bezanson, henceforth known as "The Great Uniter" in BMX, basically rewrote the rulebook on contest wallrides once written by T-1's Ruben Alcantara a decade ago. With the help of BMXFU's Charlie Crumlish in the crowd, we're proud to showcase some of the better angles of the absolute insanity that Drew brought to the Toronto BMX Jam, featuring guest appearance from Broc Raiford, Mike Fede and Darryl Nau. We'll have a more comprehensive recap video up tomorrow, but for now, we introduce Drew.0's new perspective on airing a spine with inspiration from Spiderman. Video by Charlie Crumlish.

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