Skate portfolio -- Dan Zaslavsky

Dan Zaslavsky

Dakota Servold, f/s blunt somewhere in Texas. <a class="launchGallery" href=""><i>Launch Gallery &#187;</i></a>

Bay Area photographer Dan Zaslavsky returns with a new ten-shot gallery spanning San Francisco, Texas, NYC and beyond. In this new gallery of photos, Zaslavsky profiles Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki, Brad Cromer, Ben Gore, Cody McEntire, Clint Walker, Dakota Servold, Julian Davidson, Jared Huss, Josh Mathews and Kyle Nicholson. Dan's photos have appeared in both Thrasher and Slap, as well as ESPN Skateboarding for the past several years. Dan will return next month with a preview gallery from the new Think video premiering in early April. For now, click on the gallery to launch the photos.

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