Jeff Kocsis added to MacNeil BMX team

Several years ago, North Jerseyan "Lil" Jeff Kocsis was on a flow deal from Fit Bike Co. After leaving the brand to ride the bike he wanted to ride (a Fly Tierra at the time), I figured Jeff would jump back into a meaningful relationship with a new bike sponsor in no time at all. That didn't happen. Instead, Jeff focused on his work, rode at a continually progressive level when the time was right, and didn't seem too worried with aligning himself with a bike brand. Fast forward a few years, and Jeff was still on that same program, except now he's opened up a little bit more to the idea of riding for a frame brand. That arrived yesterday in the form of Jeff being added to a newly revamped MacNeil BMX team, and so I hit him up to get the inside story. How did the MacNeil thing come about?
Kocsis: Frank Lam from Animal hit me up and Darcy [Sacucci] from MacNeil called me a few hours later. It felt right and they are all really nice.

To be honest, after you left your Fit flow thing a few years ago, I thought you were over the whole sponsor thing. Was I wrong or were you just waiting for the right thing to come around?
I never really rode with anyone on the team so I just didn't feel apart of anything. I always stayed local so it's mostly my fault. To be honest, I didn't feel like I was ready to be sponsored back then when I look back now. I take my time with everything I do and I knew when it would feel right soon enough.

What kind of bike were you riding before MacNeil?
I was riding a prototype Skavenger Tom White frame that Frank let me try out. I wanted a 20.75" and he had one laying around in my favorite color, black.

Do you even know who started MacNeil? Or anything about the technological seating advancements they've contributed to BMX?
Jay Miron. If I got that wrong you can hit me. I'm young but I grew up watching a lot of older videos that Ralph [Sinisi] had laying around at Aanimal. And yes, MacNeil holds it down!

Are you still a plumber?
No, I'm installing tile now and trying to start my own business.

Are MacNeil planning on adding anymore team riders anytime soon?
I have no idea I'm just thankful they called me.

And what plans does the brand have in store for 2012?
They rented a house in Long Beach for two months. That's all I know for now. I have never been to Canada so hopefully that happens. Things look good that's for sure. RIP Jeremy Barcik.

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