Ricardo Laguna, Chippendales dancer

Scott Harrison

Ricardo Laguna (second from right) has made the jump from BMX dirt to male revue.

Last week, Las Vegas dirt jumping extraordinaire Ricardo Laguna took a break from his usual BMX shenanigans and surprised us all by becoming a dancer in the world famous male revue known as Chippendales. Because this is possibly the first time we can recall a pro BMXer making the jump into the fine art of male revue, we hit up Ricardo to learn more about his multi-tasking approach to BMX and shirtless bow ties. This is Ricardo Laguna -- BMXer turned beefcake.

ESPN.com: This past weekend you performed as a Chippendale dancer in Las Vegas, how the heck did that happen?
Laguna: Right now I'm in the middle of filming for a TV project. I'd been a guest at Chippendales before, and I guess I was good enough that they wanted me back! It was so much fun the first time. I couldn't resist their invitation. Plus, I got to ride my bike on stage. Who could pass that up?

So this wasn't your first time? You've been a guest as a Chippendale before?
Yes, I've been a guest in the past, but this time they asked me to do a lot more! I got to do a few tricks on my bike and they made me a contestant on the dating game. They made it even more fun than the first time!

For those of us that aren't familiar, can you explain to us what the roll of a Chippendale dancer and what they do exactly?
Being a guest, I only had to learn a few moves, but there's a lot to being a Chippendale! You have to be able to dance, sing and handle the girls that go crazy on the stage!

Scott Harrison

We would've expected this from Todd Lyons, but Ricardo Laguna beat him to the punch.

Where did you guys perform at?
The show is at the Rio Hotel and Casino and I believe they do the show six days a week.

Any chance you'll be doing more guest spots and is it possible this might become a long-term gig for you in the future?
With this new TV project in the works, anything could happen! So you'll just have to stay tuned for the updates.

In BMX related news, back in Sept. of last year you were honored in your hometown of La Paz, Mexico, when the city opened a skatepark with dirt jumps for BMXers named for you. Did you have a lot do with the designing and building phases of that?
Yes, they flew me out a week in advance of the park opening with my friends Jake Kinney and Dalton Campbell to design and build the jumps from scratch. It was a huge honor to have the park named after me, plus they gave me the key to the city. Being able to see so many of the local kids excited about BMX and getting to know them was amazing. I'm hoping we can have an even bigger celebration for the one-year anniversary!

What's on your agenda for 2012? Will you be hitting many dirt contests? Are you going to be building anything new in your backyard this year?
I've got a lot in the works right now -- from ExtremeThing to contests to shows and more. I'm definitely going to remodel some of the ramps and dirt jumps! I might even be planning a big stunt here in Las Vegas! If you want to get dirt on me, you can always follow me on Twitter at @Ricardo_Laguna.

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