Tis the season to buy new BMX parts

Odyssey BMX

Poor cut and paste job merging Aaron Ross' signature Odyssey tire and a candy cane courtesy of my amateur Photoshop skills.

When I was a young kid and the holidays were around the corner, I would beg and plead with my parents for all things GT/Dyno, Dia-Compe locking brake levers and anything that caught my eye on the pages of Freestylin' Magazine. Now, as an old man, I just want to sleep in and not be bothered by anyone. Of course, there's still a part of me that geeks out on looking at new BMX products, and because I figured that all of us in BMX with the exception of Bob Scerbo also geek out on new products, I assembled twelve current BMX products that have replaced my yearnings for all things GT/Dyno. Featuring new gear from Almond, Bonedeth, BSD, Hoffman Bikes and more, the Holiday BMX Gift Guide is here. Launch the gallery below.

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